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Product classification

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    Product name Specification Packing Producing area
    Thiourea 99 export level 25KG China
    Thiourea dioxide 99 export level 25KG China
    Urotropine Premium products 25KG Import, China
    Tetrachloroethylene 99.9 dry cleaning grade 300KG Juhua, Dow
    Quinol Special camera grade 25KG Rodia and Mitsui
    n-Butanol 99.9 160KG China
    Isobutanol 99.9 160KG China
    Ethylenediamine 99.9 180KG Tosoh and Aksu
    Dimethylacetamide 99.9 190KG Kemu and Lingtian
    Epoxy soybean oil Epoxy value 3,5,6 200KG China
    Adipic acid 99.9 500KG China
    Methyl acetate 99.5 180KG China
    TX-10 99.9 200KG import
    Methanol 99.5 160KG Saudi, China
    Methyl tert-butyl ether 99.5 150KG Qilu
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